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Hi! Welcome to the first project, made in 2017 and left for 2 years to sit and gain dust. This game is a simple number game. When you entered this page, you were asked to enter a number you would get to lose. So how do you win? To start the game you need to as player 1 click a button, but before you start read this paragraph. First, you need yourself and a friend. The number you just entered is the winning number, and I don't want to get complicated but let's call this number \(w\). You'll see above is big text that says “Current number”, which will display the number you are at right now, let's call this \(c\). The value of \(c\) will start at \(0\). If you tap on or click the Add 1 button, it will add \(1\) to \(c\), and if you click Add 2, it will add \(2\) to \(c\). Player 1 goes first, then player 2, then player 1 and so on, and whoever makes \(c\leq w\) first, will lose. As a side note, clicking the key G will activate Add 1, and the key H will activate Add 2.


This isn't just our game, because you can help, too! All you need is have a GitHub account, and then click here to go to our repository. This contains the stuff about this game, for example the license this is under, as well as the original code that kinda looks ugly because it has no CSS or this text right here. If you want to put our game in your website, you can do it, but this code is licensed under the GNU General Public License v3.0.

Thank you!

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v0.1.1-alpha | This game is in a pre-release state so updates will come. | BUILD10SEPT20192