About Us

We are a group of students who are just web development fanboys who do stuff that people their age don't usually do. We usually make HTML games for fun. We are sponsered by Explosive Chicken, a board game. They also have math and tech tutorials, because that's what normal board games do.

Links to help

Here are some links that can help you join the MegaGames.me community.

CSS Change

Jan 10, 2021

Bootstrap Change.

So, the people at Explosive Chicken decided to delete the GitHub repo, again, so I have temporarily changed stylesheets to the default package until they fix this. In addition, I am now using PHP file_get_contents(), which will explain why most of our links have changed to the extention php.

Server Transfer

Jul 28, 2020

MegaGames.me server has been transfered to a server hosted by Namecheap.

As the time of this update, most pages on MegaGames.me are still available, but subdomains (example: dev.megagames.me) are not up yet. They will be up shortly. Additionally, our website now has an SSL certificate! We now support HTTPS!

Update: Our existing subdomains are now going to be accessed by, for example, megagames.me/dev for dev.megagames.me.

CSS Update

Apr 19, 2020

MegaGames.me is now switching over to a stylesheet hosted by Explosive Chicken, you may find parts of our site without the proper fonts.

During this process, it was found that the repositary supposedly containing the styles. Also, the fonts may malfunction because the typekit link using the font stopped working. Sorry for the inconvenience.

CSS Error (Update)

Mar 18, 2020

There was an error loading the CSS, or styles.

Instead of doing the http://, we have fixed this by importing the styles by HTTP and HTTPS.

CSS Error

Mar 18, 2020

There was an error loading the CSS, or styles.

We have evaluted the cause of this error. If you don't notice any styling, please go back to megagames.me, but add http:// instead of https://. Thank you for your understanding.

Home Page Update

Mar 16, 2020

We have redone almost everything.

We've redone our logo, now created by us. The image for the gamepad is from Clipart Library. We've also started to change all sites on MegaGames.me to a modified version of Bootstrap 4 to make it look nicer. That's all for now.

We love suggestions!
You can email us at suggestions@megagames.me.